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The Student Clinic has completed training and is no longer available.

In Vermont (not in Massachusetts), people can learn acupuncture through an apprenticeship. This is a four year, 4,000 hour program. There are two apprentices in the Brattleboro office: Jill Keil and Virginia Voronin. They are in the third year of their training and now have their own patients. All treatments by apprentices are supervised by Dan.

Appointments with students require more time than regular appointments so that there is sufficient time for supervision. There is also a reduced fee for treatment by apprentices. Both Jill and Virginia are very competent apprentices. They have done Plant Spirit Medicine for years (a shamanic form of Five Element treatment) and have a strong background in herbal medicine. Jill also does Mayan abdominal massage in a private practice. Virginia teaches yoga. Prospective patients in the student clinic can be sure they will receive caring, expert care from the teacher/apprentice team.
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