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Questions About Acupuncture
Does it hurt?
This is the most frequent question I get asked. My answer is always not like you expect. It's not painless but it's not like getting an injection. The needles are much smaller than a hypodermic and nothing is injected. Some acupuncture points are painful because they are in a part of the body rich with nerve endings, but most people find there is a slight pinch or "bite" and then no pain. A few people feel every needle a lot; most people feel very little. Often people feel some kind of sensation that is not pain; it could be heat, pressure, movement, tingling or just something hard to describe. Everyone is nervous about needles the first time. Almost everyone finds the treatment relaxing and people often fall asleep on the treatment table.
  Does it work?   Of course it works but people wonder is it just suggestion or placebo? When you do acupuncture for a long time, as I have, you see it work again and again. You see it work with people where the placebo effect of a physician, even surgery and prescription drugs didn’t work. You see it work for people who have been told, “Live with it.” People come for acupuncture after going through many other modalities and find not just relief but a new lease on life.

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